Our Members

Some of our members are superstars showing dedication to training, talent and motivation. We would like to recognise our superstars for all their efforts and appreciate some of their success stories!

Lynda’s Story

When knee pain threatened to stop me in my tracks, I needed to find a way to manage it. The first knee challenged me a few months after I finished walking the 800 km Camino across Spain and the second knee while hiking the Overland track in Tassie a year later. I knew I had to find strategies to deal with the pain if I was to continue walking and hiking long distances.

Somewhat skeptical I decided to join the Range and Community Gym to target exercises that would strengthen the muscles that supported my knees. Two years later, the gym has become part of my maintenance program, overall fitness regime and on going training to do long hikes overseas and in Australia.

I have been able to continue trekking in Timor, Japan and the UK thanks to the support of the trainers, Paul and Tina, and the wonderful encouragement of fellow gym members!

Dot’s Story

Dot Fahey has been attending the ‘Lift for Life’ program. Dot had difficulty walking and has found by building up muscles in her leg as part of the program, her mobility has greatly increased. “My walking ability and balance were fairly poor when I first started the course. I can balance on one leg now, and enjoy walking again. The gym is also a great place to make new friends and socialise. It is a welcoming environment, where people can gain strength and keep their independence”. 

Doreen’s Story

Doreen Browne enjoys gardening. It is what inspired her to join the Range Community Gym’s ‘Lift for Life’ program. “As I get older I am realising how important my balance is. Since attending the ‘Lift for Life’ classes I have noticed I am able to negotiate the uneven ground when gardening better and feel more confident in regaining my balance if I stumble”.   Since undertaking the course Doreen has also seen her leg and arm strength double in 8 weeks, and her aerobic ability increase dramatically and also finds she is sleeping better. 

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